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  • 90cm x 90cm

    100% Fine Silk 

    A beautiful one of a kind, hand dyed silk scarf, inspired by octopus ink

    As the silk scarf is hand dyed, the fabric is fully submerged in the dye, so the colour can penetrate the entire fiber, which allows full colour on both sides of the silk scarf. Something which you do not get with digitally printed silk. The hand dyeing process also means that each scarf is completely original, so you have something truly one of a kind and unique to you. 

    Made in London


    All Riona Treacy silk scarves are dyed by hand. Dye placement is unique to each piece, making your silk scarf 'one of a kind' and unique to you. We only ever dye 3 of each silk scarf design, making each piece a limited edition. 

    We recommend a gentle hand wash in cold water with a gentle washing liquid. You are welcome to iron your Riona Treacy silk scarf but we would recommend a warm iron setting. We find using a steamer works best. 

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