Full page feature: The Upcoming Magazine

Full page feature: The Upcoming Magazine

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Riona Treacy spring/summer 2020 collection presentation for LFW

At London Fashion Week’s hip new venue, the Victoria House, Riona Treacy presented their sophisticated, wearable spring/summer collection to mobs of photographers and eager fashion-lovers. Featuring neutral and jewel tones such as pale yellow, classic tan and forest green, many of the pieces looked sensible enough to wear to work while still maintaining creativity and individuality.

Glowy-faced and glossy-lipped models posed in the elegant and eye-catching pieces in a simple set of white walls and blocks. The colours stuck to a universally flattering palette, and the long lines and loose yet structured construction of the entire collection showcased the ability of the wearer to pair any of the items to create a look for any time of day – or night. In particular, a long, off-the-shoulder sheath dress with tie-dye-esque swirls of yellow and white would be perfect for a night out, as would a mustard-toned jumpsuit with a cinched waist and loose trousers.

While the pieces were all connected in their similarities, little touches such as exposed shoulders, asymmetrical hems and long slits proffered uniqueness to each look. Perhaps Riona Treacy’s signature is not just the pared-back grace and refinement of each piece; rather, the imaginative details make each item so special. Crisp and professional, this collection takes a summer dreamscape to the workplace.

Laura Boyle
Photos: Andrei Grosu

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