Sustainability & Brand Values

Riona Treacy stands as a prominent slow-fashion brand, committed to crafting garments of enduring quality. At the core of our ethos lies a dedication to transparency in our production process, fostering close relationships with our manufacturers. We take great pride in frequent visits to the factories, fostering a sense of collaboration that includes the seamstresses as integral members of the Riona Treacy team.

Environmental responsibility lies at the heart of our passion, prompting us to join hands with our manufacturers to eliminate plastics from our packaging. Any essential protective plastics utilised during manufacturing are thoughtfully reused, while our customers receive their purchases wrapped in either recycled cardboard boxes or biodegradable garment bags. Moreover, we use gummed paper packing tape, which can be fully recycled alongside the box, promoting biodegradability throughout the packaging process.

Emphasizing sustainability in every step, we source our fabric from eco-forward suppliers, striving to incorporate natural, low impact yarns, or recycled fibers. The materials used for our t-shirts are organic cotton, printed using fully renewable energy sources, further minimizing our ecological footprint.

Taking a proactive stance against waste, we diligently recycle and repurpose fabric off-cuts, transforming them into small accessories or donating them to local schools and craft groups to divert these pieces from landfills. Our unwavering commitment to environmental consciousness extends to supporting sustainable changes within our industry.

By producing locally, we enhance not only lead times but, most importantly, maintain impeccable quality control. Each garment undergoes personal scrutiny by our team before shipping, ensuring that it is imbued with care and craftsmanship. This practice reinforces our dedication to delivering products of utmost excellence while bolstering our role in fostering a sustainable and conscientious fashion movement.


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