Sustainability & Brand Values

Riona Treacy is a slow-fashion brand and our garments are built to last. We manufacture everything in the UK rather than abroad, with most pieces being handmade right here in London, which means our production process has little to no carbon footprint and has been produced in ethical working conditions. We are proud of our transparent production process and are pleased to be able to support local manufacturers. We visit the factories regularly and consider the seamstresses very much part of the Riona Treacy team.

We are passionate about improving our impact on the environment and in collaboration with our manufacturers we have agreed to remove plastics from our packaging. Any necessary protective plastics used in the manufacturing process are reused, and our customers receive their purchases neatly packaged in recycled cardboard boxes and tissue paper. We also use gummed paper packing tape, which can be recycled with the box and is also fully biodegradable. 

Our fabric is sourced within the UK and Europe, further reducing our carbon footprint, and our t-shirts are made from organic cotton and are printed using fully renewable energy sources here in the UK. We only use vegan leather and have sourced some beautiful natural-based vegan leathers for AW20.

We aim to waste as little as possible, by recycling or re-purposing our fabric off-cuts, to make small accessories or we donate them to local schools or craft groups, so the fabric pieces avoid landfill. We are always looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the environment and fully support sustainable changes within our industry. 

Extra notes:

By producing locally, it also helps with lead times but most importantly quality control. Each garment is checked by our team personally before we ship an item, and making locally helps us ensure that each garment is made with care and craftsmanship.


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