MilliOnAir: Full Feature on Transparency and Sustainability

MilliOnAir: Full Feature on Transparency and Sustainability

Riona Treacy – Making Transparency Beautiful

Words by Ross Pollard – Emerging Designers Edition

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Transparency, what does it mean to you? If it means locally produced garments in ethical factories that the label regularly visits which help to support local manufacturers and reduce carbon emissions in production then I might be able to help. Step forward Riona Treacy.

Transparency and sustainability are writ large in the ethos of the label, from the sourcing through to how they recycle waste products as wrapping, they even go as far as making sure off-cuts don’t go to landfill by either using them to create accessories (who doesn’t love an accessory) or donating them to schools and craft groups to use in their creations.

Oh and did I mention the leathers and inks are all vegan as well?

But as I often say, what is the use of sustainability without sales ability, and Riona Treacy is producing some beautiful looks. The pared back single or dual coloured looks are augmented by subtle prints that provide a detail that emerges as you move towards them, it adds to the block statements of other looks.

Other details include the neo-classical draping that adds a hint of scholarly Greek history that plays off the verdant forest greens and almost egg yolk yellows.

There is a clear structure in the collection, a theme that is developed across the array of garments, yet each retains a sense of the individual, each has it’s own personality.

It’s a collection that provides solace as the chills of winter reach forth, Jack Frost might nip at my fingers, but my heart races towards the Riona Treacy spring ahead.




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