Riona Treacy interviewed by HUBBUB

Riona Treacy interviewed by HUBBUB

Riona Treacy interviewed by HUBBUB about the Future of Sustainable Fashion. 

Watch the full video on their YouTube channel here.

In this video we meet:

Mary Creagh MP, the Chair of the governmental environmental audit committee for sustainable fashion who have just bought out their recommendations for government, businesses and individuals on reducing the environmental impact of fashion. You can read their full report here: Fixing Fashion: Clothing Consumption and Sustainability. 

Zoe Patridge is the founder of Wear the Walk a rental fashion company which lets customers rent designer outfits on a subscription service or for a one off fee. Rental services like this are aiming to reduce the amount of clothes we buy and throw in the bin, like a ‘Netflix for your wardrobe’:

Riona Treacy, is a designer who just had her first collection and London Fashion Week. All of her clothes are handmade in the UK and all the fabrics are sourced in the UK and Ireland:

Video presented by Sarah Divall for Hubbub. 

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